Southside Beekeepers Club Inc is fully administered by volunteers.

If you are a club member and want to get more involved, or you have some spare time on your hands we would greatly appreciate your help to keep the club growing strong.

The club has MANY areas where we can use your help. If you are interested in donating some time or volunteering to help out at club meetings and events chat to any of the committee at the meeting or contact us though our contacts page.  Evan if you come 5 minutes early and help put some chairs out, maybe cut up some bread sticks, or greet people at the door and assist them to sign in, every little but helps.

Here are a few of the areas we would appreciate help with each month.

Video Production & A/V:  If you know how to work a video camera and are confident to help set up A/V equipment we have the all the facilities to video out guest speakers, and provide them with mic's and projectors for their presentations.  We hope to be able to create a video library of our guest speakers for our memebers to borrow through our library service.

Catering & Cleaning:  At each club meeting we provide a great supper for our members and guests.  With this we do have a bit of [prep work that needs to be done with setting up the supper area, making sure we have everything needed, and that all the food and nibblies are ready. Also helping packup, wash cups and help clean up the hall and meeting areas. 

Hall Set-Up:  Doors open at our monthly meetings at 7:00pm with the official meeting finishing around 10:00/30pm... Setting up starts at about 6pm, an hour before.  We have tables and chairs to unpack and set out; AV equipment to plug in, power-up and check; Catering to set up,  and front of house administration to set up including Merchandise Table, Raffle Table, Sign-in area,  Computer Access Terminals to set up, and more...  There are lots of behind the scenes things that our volunteers to to make the evenings run smoothly and be enjoyable to everyone. 

Packup & Lockup:  When most emmbers are on their way home we have cleaning and packing to do to bring the hall back to the way we find it. Vacuuming to do, bins to empty, chairs and tables to stack, and lots of equipment to put away.... Many hands make light work and to have many worker bees on site it can help us all to get home at a reasonable hour.

Now if you would like to get more involved with the club and administration please grab one of the committee members and ask them how to get more involved. We have plenty of things to do and would really like new input and ideas to help us steer the club in a positive direction.  At the next AGM (July) you can nominate to join the committee, or even become an office bearer if you want a challenge.   Our current core members will give you the utmost support and are always available to help you out.

Our club has grown larger and larger every year and it is all to the great volunteers that keep the cogs oiled and turning, keeping the honey flowing.


We are welcoming your support,


Southside Beekeepers Club Committee.