Beekeeping Articles

Beekeeping Articles
  • Bees Need Water

    Water and its three uses in a beehive.

    By Lindsay Wilson

    1st Bees need water to dilute honey before it can be use as food in the hive.

  • Candy Recipe

    An Emergency Winter Feed for Bees

    By Ian Brown

    If you are uncertain whether your bees have sufficient winter stores, then the following is a recipe for candy which can be safely fed to the bees when they are not active due to cold conditions and therefore could not be safely fed with syrup.

  • Finding the Queen

    Finding the Queen

    Seven ways to help you to find the Queen

    By Lindsay Wilson

    Sometimes you need to find your queen, and sometimes you only need to know that she is alive and well. But, if you absolutely must find an unmarked queen, there’s nothing like a little practice. You’ll find that spotting her gets much easier after you’ve done it a few times and learn how to look.

  • Hive Inspection Report

    Click to view the Hive Inspection Report.

  • Opening a Hive

    Opening a Hive

    Things You Should Do Each & Every Time You Open A Hive.

    By Lindsay Wilson

    Observation - Of the area and hive, flight paths, activity, pollen going into the hive, guard bees, and the most important is the weather e.g; Temperature and wind.